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These resources are intended to be used to educate project team members on the use of Bluerithm.

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Why Use Bluerithm?

Bluerithm is a tool developed to streamline the entire commissioning process. It delivers efficiencies for members of the project team regardless of what their position is. Here are a few examples.

Benefits for Everyone

  • Better visibility:
    • No lost time waiting for or seeking updates: When the entire project team is working with real-time data in the cloud, access to the latest project information is always within a few clicks.
    • Never question whether the information being viewed is up to date, such as when using spreadsheets, or worse, paper copies of forms and checklists.
    • Less time in meetings: When everyone always has access to the latest project information, less time is needed sitting in meetings describing issues and sharing status updates.
  • Better productivity:
    • Reduced wait times for status updates, new information, and feedback.

Benefits for Owners

  • Greater transparency
    • With access to dashboards, summaries, and metrics, as well as entire projects, there’s never a question of where things are at.

Benefits for Contractors

  • Learn everything needed to use Bluerithm in a 5-minute video.
  • Always have the most current issues log and checklists.
  • All current and up to date commissioning information is always in a single location.
  • Save time by not needing to receive and send information about issues, checklists, or other requested information via email, handouts, or other inefficient ways.
  • Eliminate time consuming emailing among the project team related to commissioning issues and deliverables.
  • Attach pictures directly to notes in one step.
  • Spend less time compiling information.
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