Configuration Forms


The configuration form is used to add equipment, subitems, work items, and issues at the same time, as well as modify existing items that are already in your project.

General Best Practices & Notes

  1. The most common use of a config form is to load equipment lists and equipment properties / attributes.
  2. Many batch processing features of a config form are available in the web portal, so you may not need to use it for some batch editing needs. 
    1. For example, you can batch assign people to work items on the Work / Detailed page, and batch assign issues on the Issues / Summary page.
  3. Download a new config form each time you want to use one for modifying a project. 
  4. A config form will enforce unique naming as follows. If you attempt to add new items that meet duplicate criteria, they are skipped during the upload.  
    1. Equipment: on a folder basis. 
    2. Equipment Types: on a project basis. 
    3. Custom Equipment Properties: on an equipment type / equipment basis. 
    4. Work items: on an equipment>category basis 
  5. Custom Properties must be turned on for a project in order for changes made to them in the config form to be visible. 

Download a Config Form

You can get a configuration form from the Add Equipment page of the project setup wizard, or from the Equipment page of your project.

Example from the equipment page of a project:

Each row in the configuration form corresponds to a single item for each respective worksheet. 

You can enter new items on your project using a config form. Work from left to right in the worksheets. i.e., if you're adding new equipment, if you want to put the equipment in a new folder, you need to add the folder first on the Folders worksheet. 

Wherever there is a drop down, you can only use the options in it, but the select lists will automatically update across the worksheets as you add items.

Modifying Items with a Config Form

If you are adding or modifying items using the config form, you will need to indicate which rows you want to modify by selecting an "x" on each row that you want to modify. 

Upload the Configuration Form 

Once you're done updating the config form, upload it to your project. The configuration form will be processed and the changes will be made to your project. If there are any errors, Bluerithm will try to guide you through correcting them. 

From the Equipment page of your project, click the Options button, click on the Choose File button, select the configuration form from where you saved it on your computer’s hard drive, then click Process Config Form. Bluerithm will then process the selections you made.

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