Companies - Introduction

Bluerithm is built to allow you to have multiple companies (or regional offices, etc.) set up within a larger organization, as well as guest companies. If you're a single division, single location organization, this might not be relevant. However, if you have multiple locations, divisions, or branches you may want to keep them separate in Bluerithm to allow better granularity with reports, analytics, and overall organization.

You can also have guest companies on your Bluerithm account. Guest companies will typically be subcontractors or other companies who have some component of work that you need to track or manage, such as when identifying and assigning issues, tasks, etc.

On this view, there is information about both your account, as well as the companies and the users in your company.

Company Information

The Company page shows organization-wide information. You can edit the company details by clicking the Edit Button.

The Company page displays how many subscribed users you currently have, as well as how much of your subscription is being utilized. It also displays all of the companies in your organization, whether they are an account member or guest, and the company type.

This information is for your overall account.

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