Equipment Properties on Work Items


You can embed equipment properties on work items. 

This is a powerful feature that facilitates important workflows on projects where integrated digital delivery and turnover is required.  

It provides an easy way to include equipment data collection in the normal workflows with the rest of the work (checklists, forms, etc.) on the project, including all editing permissions provided by roles. 

You can add equipment properties to individual work items, or in bulk. 

Add to individual work items

From any work item that is attached to equipment (project and subitem work items do not support this feature), click the Add Equipment Properties button on a work item.

Add to multiple work items at once 

Navigate to the Work > Detailed page of a project. 

Select the work items you want to add equipment properties to. Recall that this feature only exists for work items attached to equipment. Any project-level or subitem work items will simply be skipped during processing. 

From the options menu, select Add equipment properties. 

Equipment Properties in Reports

Equipment properties will print at the top of the section for each equipment. Work items with equipment properties will be skipped in reports. 

To include equipment properties in the reports, select the option for Equipment Properties in the filter options for a report section:

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