Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA), when turned on for your account, adds additional security by requiring everyone accessing your account to verify their identity with a two-step process. 

This ensures that even if their credentials were acquired by a bad actor, they couldn't be used because the bad actor would also need access to the person's email inbox. This is also a good place to remind everyone that it's best practice to use unique passwords for every system you use. We recommend using a password manager application to keep track of them.

  1. Log in with their username and password. 
  2. Verify they have access to the email on file by receiving a one-time code in their inbox and entering it when logging in on a new device. 

When MFA is turned on, users will be required to perform this extra step for each new device and browser they use including the Bluerithm iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

MFA Management

MFA is turned on and off at the account level. Account Admins can activate it at My Company > Admin > Security

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