File Management and Workflows


Bluerithm has features for storing and managing files and workflows for file collection, approvals, and distribution. 

Types of files

You can store any type of file in Bluerithm. 

Additionally, you can add References instead of files. References are links to other file storage systems (e.g. Procore, Bluebeam studio sessions,, SharePoint, etc.).

General file storage

Each project has a Files page for general cloud file storage. Here you can create folder hierarchies as needed for storing project-level files. 

There is also a static folder here where all report exports are automatically stored. 

File attachments

You can attach files to almost every type of item in a project (e.g. Equipment, work items, issues, notes, etc.).

Attach files specific to an item on its Files page. 

File requests and approval workflows

You can add Required Files to work items. This feature can be used for various workflows like submittal requests and tracking, equipment / system startup and manufacturer data, and any other file request workflow you may need. 

Required Files work with the validation rules on work items, so you can build customized workflows for standalone file requests, or as part of checksheet or test form requirements. 

Requirements can be added restricting file types, requiring additional review and approval, the ability to reject a file upload, etc. 

Tracking for required files is integrated in the rest of your project, so it's easy to find, approve, track, and manage file workflows.

You can see what work items have outstanding approvals on the Work > File Approvals page: 

File exports and downloads

You can filter, view, and batch-download file attachments from across a project on the Files > File Attachments page. 

This page aggregates files attachments attached to all items across a project, including work items, notes, issues, equipment, etc. 

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