Specification Content for Bluerithm as Commissioning Software on Projects

  1. Introduction
    1. The commissioning process is critical in ensuring that the systems and equipment installed in a building are designed, installed, tested, and operated in accordance with the owner's requirements. 
    2. Commissioning software is a tool that helps project teams to plan, organize, and track the commissioning process, ensuring that all necessary tests and checks are performed, and that the results are documented and reported. The use of commissioning software on this project will help to ensure that the building systems are operating correctly and efficiently, and that the owner's requirements are fully satisfied.
  2. Scope
    1. The scope of this specification covers the use of commissioning software on the project. Bluerithm software will be used to plan and organize the commissioning process and related activities, to act as the common data environment for all asset and related data, to record and track the results of commissioning tests and checks, to facilitate online collaboration, to request and track related documentation, to generate reports and documentation, and to transfer data to the owner's operational management platform (e.g., maintenance management system or digital twin). 
  3. Training
    1. Project personnel who will be using the commissioning software must be trained and qualified in its use. Training will be provided by the project team and through short online tutorials provided by Bluerithm.
  4. Compliance
    1. The use of commissioning software is mandatory for the project, and failure to comply with this specification will result in the project team being deemed non-compliant. The consequences of non-compliance may include delays, cost overruns, and potential legal and financial liabilities.
  5. Maintenance
    1. The commissioning software will be maintained and supported by the vendor throughout the project. This will include regular software updates and the availability of technical support. 
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