Report Shortcodes


Report Shortcodes can be inserted into your text in the Text Editor report section type, which causes the report builder to replace the shortcode with text and data from your project. 

Available Shortcodes

There are standard report shortcodes in a preset list, and you can also define custom report shortcodes as a way to insert charts and data into text editor report sections.

Standard Report Shortcodes

You can view the list of standard report shortcodes by clicking on the Show Shortcodes button when editing a Text Editor report section. 

Standard report shortcodes are used for simple text variables for the project, like project name, dates, etc. 

Custom Report Shortcodes

Custom report shortcodes are available to insert charts, equipment lists, and other dynamic project data into a text editor report section. 

You can select from the list of available custom report shortcodes and configure filters for each one. 

Using Report Shortcodes

You can type or copy/paste the shortcodes into the text in your document. 

When the document is saved and the report is exported or previewed, the report shortcodes will automatically be converted into the text or charts. 

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