Work Progress Metrics


For equipment

The quantities shown are based on work items grouped by parent equipment and category (e.g. "Installation Checklist").

In this example, there are 3 equipment, each with checklists ("PFC Level 3"), so the total quantity is 3.

Each checklist may have multiple sections (i.e. work items), but the quantity for metrics is counted as one "PFC (Level 3)" checklist per equipment.

If each equipment has an additional type of checklist or form ( e.g. "Level 4 (FPT)" ), the total quantity would be six, for example ( 3 "Level 3 (PFC), and 3 "Level 4 (FPT) ).

For project-level work

For project level work (e.g. design reviews, meeting minutes, site walk reports), each work item is counted as one in the totals.

Progress percentages

The percentages are based on effort relative to total effort and are taken on a work item by work item basis (i.e. each section of a form is considered individually). So there can be completion progress shown before a quantity progress (e.g. one of the 4 sections of a checklist have been completed).

This is true for project-level work and equipment-level work.

Effort can be adjusted for each work item, either on templates before use or in a batch update process using a configuration form.

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