AI User Import Tool

The AI user import tool intelligently maps user data to the fields necessary to create a new user profile. It's the simplest way to add new user profiles and project members. When using it to add project members, it will create the profile, company (if necessary), as well as add them to the project.

It can be accessed from both the My Company > Users page, as well as any project page at Settings > Project Members.

Simply copy/paste a list of emails in any format (e.g. directly from Outlook, a spreadsheet, etc.). The format the emails are in doesn't matter - the AI tools will sort it out!

After clicking Preview, you can make any needed adjustments to the names, companies, etc.

If you launched the user import tool from within a project, you'll have the option to add them as project members, as well as send them a project invitation. Just make sure those options are selected.

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