Users - Introduction


Users include people from your company, other companies in your organization, or people from guest companies who you collaborate with using Bluerithm.

The users that count against your subscription plan are those who are not guests, and who’s status is set to active.

To add a new user to your organization’s companies or to a guest company, see the article Add a New User.


Users can be assigned various roles in Bluerithm that allow them to see and do certain things and not others. Refer to the article User’s Roles for more information.

‘My Work’ Summary

For any given user, the My Work summary shows all work that is assigned to them. It can be accessed in the main navigation menu by clicking the ‘My Work’ icon (which will show the summary for you, the user currently logged in), or from the company details view, by clicking on the menu button next to a user’s username.

Both guests and regular users have access to the My Work summary. For guests, it is the main interface available with their limited access to Bluerithm.

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