Add New Users

Adding new users to your account and projects is easy. There are several ways to add and edit user profiles.

  • The AI user import tool.
  • The user import form (spreadsheet).
  • Individually.

Use the AI user import tool

This is the easiest way to add new user profiles, companies, and add them to projects.

Learn more here.

The user import form (spreadsheet)

When you have several users to add at once, whether they’re guests or core team members, you can use a configuration tool we call the “User and Company Form”. It works like a Project Configuration Form, where you can add new items as well as edit existing ones. 

These steps are made from the My Company > Users page.

Note: When using this method, you can’t add new Users to a company until the company already exists on your account. So to add a new User to a new company will require processing a User and Company Form twice. 

Note: You may want to set new Users option to receive the daily rundown emails to off until you’re ready to add them to a project, have assigned them work or issues, and after you’ve sent the project invitation.

Once you have added new Users to your account, you can add those Users to your Projects, as referenced in the Add and Remove Project Members article.

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