Add and Remove Project Members

To add a new project member, they must first exist as a user on your account. See the article Add a New User.

To add a new project member, go to Projects, click Settings from the Project you're looking to add members to.

Click Project Members.This view also shows the current project members for reference.

From the Options menu, click Add New Project Members
Select the member you're looking to add to the Project. You can create a profile for them if they don't exist.

The selected users will now show in the project members list, and the project will display in each user’s Work Summary (with the exception of Guests, since Guests to do not have access to overall projects, only the issues and work assigned to them).

Send Project Invitations from BlueRithm

BlueRithm can automatically send invitations to a project once they’ve been added to it. Use the ‘Send Project Invitations’ from the Options button above the Project Members table.

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