Add New Equipment/System/Asset

There are multiple ways to add equipment. The most common and efficient is to use a configuration form

To manually add individual equipment, follow these instructions. 

Go to the ‘Equipment’ page on the project.

Note that equipment must be in folders. Think of equipment as containers for your equipment, and something you can use to help organize your project. 

Click on the menu button to the right of the folder that you want the equipment to be in, and click ‘Add Equipment’.

Fill in the fields, search for the equipment you want add, and click Save. Note that you must select the radio button for the system type you chose. 

If the equipment type you need isn't present, you can add new equipment types.

The person the system is assigned to will see it in their ‘My Work’ summary.

Add in Bulk Using the Configuration Form

See the article about configuration forms

Copy Existing Equipment 

Copies, including everything associated with them, can be made from the equipment page.

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