Auto Create Issues on Checkbox Click


You can use this feature to automatically create issues whenever a "Fail" (or similar) checkbox is clicked. You can specify which columns in your forms this feature is turned on for.


It's advisable to configure the auto issues feature on your work templates in your template project(s). See this article for best practices for templates.

Configure with Table Editor

You can use the table edit options to turn this feature on for any column in your form sections (tables).

Configure with Excel Uploads Using Shortcodes

Read more about shortcodes for Excel uploads for table setup in this article.

Now, whenever a checkbox with this feature is "checked", Bluerithm will automatically set up an issue for you in the following ways:

  • Attach it to the equipment the work is attached to
  • Attach it to the work item the table is on
  • Insert references from the row on your form/checklist the checkbox is on

Example where all content shown was automatically set:

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