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Templates in Bluerithm serve an important role in driving efficient project setup and make it easy for your teams to delivery consistent, high quality results.

Various types of templates used on your projects are stored in libraries called Project Templates, and can contain anything a regular project does.

Equipment types

Equipment type templates can be populated with template work (e.g. checklists, test forms, document request/approval workflows, etc.), as well as custom equipment properties that are unique to that equipment type (i.e. ratings and capacities).

When equipment type templates are copied into a project, the work and custom properties are included.

Template work

Template work can contain any activity or workflow that your teams will repeat project to project. Examples are checklists, test forms, design review workflows, document request/approve workflows, site visit activities, etc.

For work that is unique to equipment, it's normally more beneficial to have it attached to the template equipment types mentioned above.

For project-level activities (anything not unique to an equipment, system, etc.), it can be attached directly to the project.

The project setup wizard allows work to be easily copied from a template project whether it's attached to equipment types or the project.

Template reports

Any report that could be used more than once is worth adding as a template report so it can be easily reused on projects. A template report is created like any report on a regular project using the report builder, and is then copied into the project using the setup wizard.

The entire reporting process can be highly automated on projects because the configuration for extracting all of the issues, checklists, forms, etc. can be setup once in the template report, and automation is especially beneficial when using the custom text editor and report shortcodes.

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