Report Builder

Report Builder is a tool that can build large, complex, and comprehensive reports in .pdf format. You can include all or selected information about your projects, including images, file attachments, issues, notes, work of all categories, as well as your own .pdf files that you’d like to include as pages in the final .pdf file.

The report builder has the additional benefit of custom text editor sections, which include a powerful automation tool called shortcodes. Read about shortcodes in text editor sections in this article

The Report Builder is not optimized for very small screens (most mobile phones), but it works well with most tablets and touch screen devices.

Setting Up a Report Builder Configuration

Start by going to the Reports page of a project.

On the next view, you will have a list of any Report Builder Configurations that you’ve previously made.  You can import saved Report Builder Configurations from a template project with the Add from Template option.

To start a new report, click ‘Start a New Report’ from the Options menu.

You will then be taken to the page where you can build your report configuration. There is an Options menu, the area where the report sections will be listed, a drag-and-drop area for importing files, and a preview area.

To start building your report, you will add a new section from the Options menu. There are several types of sections you can add. An overview of section types can found here.

Next, a window will open that will allow you to choose the type and options for the new section.

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