Project Setup

The project setup process can be summarized as follows.

  1. Add new project
  2. Add equipment type templates
  3. Add work to equipment types (optional)
  4. Add folders for equipment (optional)
  5. Add equipment
  6. Add other work templates
  7. Add report templates

The Project Setup Wizard helps guide project setup and make pulling from your template content easy. There are additional optional steps to customize a project with template content along the way, as well as make project-specific updates to template content once it's copied into your project.

Add new project

Click Add Project from the Projects page.

Enter the general project details, then click the Next button.

The Project Setup Wizard then opens and will guide next steps in setting up equipment types, work, folders, and finally reports.

Tip: Most of the pages in the project setup wizard work by showing a list of template content on the left, and project content on the right as shown in the following steps. Template content is copied from the list on the left to the project which is shown on the right.

Add equipment types

Select the project template from the dropdown on the left that you want to use in this project, then click Add Equipment Types. If the selected equipment types had template work attached to them, it will carry over to the project with the equipment types.

You can make edits to the work on the types in the project now to make them project-specific, if needed.

Now, whenever new equipment of a type is added to the project it will automatically get a copy of the work attached to its corresponding type.

Add work to equipment types (optional)

On the left, select project template and the desired work (ie FPT & PFC).  Then on the right, select which equipment type you want to add the work to, then click Add Selected Work. Repeat as needed for different equipment types.

You can modify the work for project-specific changes on the equipment types in the project that you've copied the work to.

Add folders for equipment (optional)

Folders are like containers for equipment. They're often used for systems. And/or, they can be used to structure the folder hierarchy in a way that aligns with the workflow of the overall project, i.e. in the case of new construction, how the construction manager will construct the project / work packages.

Using the configuration form allows bulk adding and editing on your project.

Add equipment

Equipment can be added in the same ways folders are, with the configuration form being the most common.

Equipment can also be added individually and with the COBie tools.

Add other work

The term "other" work has been used to differentiate from the work that may have been attached to template equipment types already added to the project.

This will commonly be project-level activities and workflows like design phase activity, close out activity, meeting records, site visits, etc.

Select the work to add to the project on the left, then select where to add it to on the right. For project level work, select the project on the right. The click Add Selected Work.

Add reports

Select your project template on the left and choose the report template(s) you want to copy into the project. Then click copy reports on the right.

Click Done or return to other project setup wizard pages.

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