Reports and Exports


There are several types of reports that Bluerithm can create for you. This article will cover the configuration options, and the different report types. Reports are run on a per-project basis.

There are two types of reporting tools in Bluerithm:

  • Report Builder is for building any size (small to very large) progress and final reports (.pdf files) as complete, bookmarked files.
  • Excel Exports has options for simple exports of specific project information (.xlsx files).

Here's an overview video of the reporting tools.

Ways to Run Report Exports

  1. Through individual work items and issues. See Individual Work/Issue Reports article
  2. Through Equipment Properties. See Equipment Properties in Reports article
  3. Using Report Builder outlined in the Report Builder article.

Report Section Types

Reports can consist of as many or as few sections, depending on the need. See Report Section Types for differential delineations and explanations of each type.


Importing and exporting sections of or complete reports, PDF or Excel configurations, is outlined in the Imports/Exports article.

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