Equipment / Assets - Introduction

Equipment in Bluerithm represent the equipment, systems, assets, components, etc. on your projects. 

NOTE: Equipment is preferred to subitems in Bluerithm. We recommend only using subitems for helping to organize template work. On projects, use equipment.

Adding Equipment to Projects

When adding new equipment to projects, you'll almost always want to use a configuration form where you can upload large lists of equipment using Excel.

Overview Page

The equipment overview page shows general details and status of the equipment.

NOTECOBie standards require unique equipment names.

Equipment Work

When you create work in Bluerithm, you can attach it to a project, or to equipment in a project. For checklists, test forms, milestones, etc. directly related to equipment, you'll want to attach work to the equipment when creating the work. But for work like design reviews, meeting minutes, site visit reports, etc., you'd attach those to the project since they're not related to a certain piece of equipment.

Equipment Issues

When you create issues in Bluerithm, you can attach them to a project, or to equipment in a project. 

Equipment Files

Files at the equipment level will typically consist of information that applies to the equipment, such as submittal documents, commissioning documents specifically for the equipment, etc.

Equipment Auto Status Updates

Equipment status updates can be set to change automatically based on their attached issues and work. Turn on the Auto Status Updates option for this functionality. 

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