Getting Started & Project Setup

First Steps

BlueRithm has templates available to import into your account to use, but you will likely have your own custom forms and checklists. If they haven’t already been set up in template projects (either by us, or by you), we can help with that. We can even create your entire library of custom templates based on your existing forms and workflows. Starting from template content makes setting up new projects very easy.

You can review the article Importing Pre-Built Project Templates for details on how to access BlueRithm’s templates that we make available to all of our customers.

Your project templates can include all the work you normally perform on your projects.

  • Design phase activities
  • Project milestones
  • RFI's
  • Safety reports and workflows
  • Document requests and tracking
  • TAB plan, IAQ plan
  • LEED process checklists
  • Various installation and QA/QC checksheets 
  • ITR's
  • Loop checks
  • ASHRAE five-level commissioning forms
  • Functional testing forms
  • Integrated systems forms
  • Systems manual requirements

Structure of a BlueRithm Project

Project Setup


Step by step

To add a project, click Projects, from the main menu bar.

Click Add Project from the Projects page.

Enter the general project details, then click the Next button.

If the option for 'Automatically add template work to new equipment by type' was selected on the first page, add template work to equipment types

When this option is selected for a project, any new instances of an equipment type will automatically get a copy of the template work attached to the equipment type. 

If the option for 'Automatically add template work to new equipment by type' was NOT selected on the first page, you can add new folders

Folders can be containers for equipment. They're often used for systems. It’s often a good idea to structure the folder hierarchy in a way that aligns with the workflow of the overall project (i.e. in the case of new construction, how the construction manager will construct the project).

The recommended method is to add folders and equipment is with a configuration form. The configuration form is a powerful Excel based tool built into Bluerithm. It allows bulk adding and editing of your project.

For more on the configuration form, take a look at the article about configuration forms.

Click Next.

Add equipment to the folders. Note the navigation links that you can use to go back or forward.

It's possible that you already added equipment using the configuration form in the previous step. If so, you can skip this step or come back later to add more equipment.

Click next once your equipment list is set up.

Add additional work to equipment or the project. 

If you did not select the 'Automatically add template work to new equipment by type' option, or you need to add additional work templates to equipment or at the project level, you can do that on this page of the setup wizard. 

Click Next.

Add report builder configurations you have stored on template projects.

Click Done.

That’s it!

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